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About Us

About Kidzlet

With over 10 years of experience, hundreds of playgrounds and training spaces built, we can proudly call ourselves – the leading kid’s playground and general fitness equipment manufacturers nation-wide.

The founder, Mandeep Bhola, has worked in the playground and fitness equipment industry for more than a decade, until he chose to fully devote to his mission:

“Empower our youth and people of all ages, through playful and entertaining activities.”

With the burning passion of his, Kidzlet has now grown into a renowned playground and fitness equipment brand, which serves customers not only locally, but world-wide. Kidzlet currently manufactures products in almost 20 different categories – playground equipment, fitness equipment, kindergarten, classroom & outdoor furniture, and more. Following with dozen of further variations for each product category.

Whether, you’re looking to use the equipment for commercial or personal purposes, we’ve got you covered. Our equipment is widely used by kindergartens, schools, resorts, property and infrastructure developers, as well as resold by retailers for favorable margins.

And there’s no better feeling than receiving photos from our customers, showcasing their personal backyard playgrounds and training spaces.

Our vision goes far and wide. We aim to cooperate with businesses internationally and revolutionize the playground and fitness equipment industry with state-of-art products and superior quality. Schools, resorts, builders and developers, are welcome to contact us and cooperate with our hardworking team.

Our playground and fitness equipment, EPDM flooring and wide range of toys and fitness products, have been favored across the entire nation and we strive to bring more satisfactory experiences to our clients overseas.

There is no doubt that excellent products are rarely held back by localized background, and at Kidzlet we prove it with everything we do.

Send us a message describing your vision and we will help you turn it into a reality.


Become the leading manufacturer of playground and fitness equipment among schools, resorts, builders and developers across the nation and worldwide.



We nurture the vision of revolutionizing the playground & fitness equipment up to a level, where Kidzlet becomes the first name that comes to mind when you think about fitness and playground equipment.

Why Choose Us

We understand, there are quite a few manufacturers seemingly offering the same services we do. But none of them seem to incorporate all of our values. There are quite a few, who provide top-notch quality, but their pricing is steep even for the elite market. There are also quite a few, who are affordable, yet their quality is modest at best.

We combine the best of both worlds. We strive to create the highest quality equipment on the market, yet keep the pricing fair and affordable for each and every customer.


As a nation-leading manufacturer we pass even the most strict of quality requirements. For the construction of our equipment we use the best quality metal, which keeps the construction strong and reliable for years to come. For the slides, roofing and panels we use weather-proof and environment friendly plastic.



With years of experience behind our backs, we have perfected our customer service system and can now confidently ensure – hassle-free and time efficient service. Each of our queries is seen as the highest priority and receives immediate support. We also offer incredible after-service support and are ready to find a solution for every query and complaint.

Value For Money

While we have ambitious vision for the growth of our business, we want to keep our pricing fair and affordable for everyone. Whether you’re a large commercial service provider or a small family with kids, we will find a solution that’s right for you. We believe affordability and top-notch quality can co-exist, and we reinforce this belief through everything we do.

Empower your commercial infrastructure and the lives of everyone around, or build your own – in the backyard of your house. Find multipurpose playground and fitness equipment for commercial and personal purposes alike.